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Optional Events

Annual Wednesday Bus Trip

11:45 a.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Frequently, we have sponsored bus trips on Wednesday afternoon of the week at Colby. Participants visit Maine sights, have an opportunity for shopping, and have dinner out at their own expense. Participants leave after the morning discussion with a box lunch. The trip usually costs about $35. Based on interest, information about a trip open to other groups at Colby will be available at a later date.

Optional Saturday Nights to Attend the Atlantic Music Festival’s Concert:

Extra nights: Saturday, July 21st ($90, lodging, dinner, breakfast, and Sunday lunch) or July 28th ($85, lodging, dinner and breakfast). Concerts are free. Please prepay for additional nights with your registration deposit.

Wachs Works

The “Wachs Works”, named after our founder Is Wachs, is our version of a friendly pub. It's in the Cotter Student Union, a short walk from the dorms and dining room, where participants gather to socialize, play cards, and just relax. It's a great place to get to know new friends and to reconnect with old friends.

Beer and wine and soft drinks are served at a nominal fee. Prices are modest because the men and women who serve as bartenders are participants who have volunteered to serve you.

Time to Socialize

Lunch Discussions

Great Books participants love to talk, socialize, find out about everything. There are breakfast and lunch times to talk with others, even about the readings. These are the best of the week. Freely shared, with amiable people, in a relaxing environment. Colby provides many venues for talk, reading, and just hanging out.

Veranda Discussions

For extended families that need to travel long distances to share time, Great Books at Colby provides the perfect setting.
Want to spend time with the younger folk? Bring them all to Colby week.

Lunch Discussions
Want clean air and spacious campus to roam? Want to visit an au courant bookstore with books by local authors who are well known and intelligent? Want to see something else beside your daily routine?
Walk with me ...
Walking View - Dana Lawn
Talk with me ...
Lunch Discussions
Share with me your mind ...
Lobster Bake Discussions

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This is your first visit to Colby and, of course, you're going to have lots of questions. A suggestion - pretend you're a journalist with a journalist's five basic questions - Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Expect to hear questions similar to yours - and different. These will likely help you for the coming week.

There is an orientation session for newcomers on Sunday evening where the events of the week will be described; and where you will meet the person from Colby who is our contact for any problem relating to your needs on campus.

Also on Sunday night, you will meet members of the Council for Colby Great Books as well as key Colby College staff. You will also meet your discussion group members. These men and women will be both veterans and newcomers and your partners for the week. Hopefully, you will have fun learning and laughing with them all.

When you return to your home, saturated with your Colby Great Book experience, share that with with your friends. Perhaps, they too will become part of our expanding Colby Family.

You will meet seasoned participants who will be available throughout the week to deal with any need you have relative to the program. Be sure to get to know them. These are volunteers who have been to Colby for some time. They understand how one's first time on campus can be confusing. Use your volunteer for any issue large and small. And be sure to ask them about their experiences in past years.

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Talent Show

There is a talent show on Thursday night that is long on laughter and maybe not so much on talent. Having said that, we have had participants perform who are professional singers, pianists, stand up comics and dancers.

This event is strictly optional for all would-be-performers with stage fright. In recent years we have had the joy to watch our kids, our boys and girls at the Colby Kids Camp, perform skits they have written. Watching that energy and burgeoning talent is alone worth attending.

The event takes place in the Wachs Works. All the amenities of that environment are available.

Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page needs you to log on to leave us your thoughts, suggestions, and photographs. Your stories of great and not-so-great experiences are invaluable. Please give us important information that helps us get better.

We would also love it if you would spread the word about what happens at Colby. Ours is not a simple story to tell. One factor from that is most of our newcomers come based on the recommendations of friends or family who have attended Colby.

So if you enjoyed your week, won't you please be one of our best sales people and spread the word.

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